Graduate Catalog (pdf)
    Financial Aid

Master Student How Do I's

    How do I apply to Graduate School
    How do I apply to a Graduate Program
    How do I get my login information
    How do I enroll as a Master Student
    How do I drop a class
    How do I set up Blackboard
    How do I set up my student email
    How do I remove a HOLD
    How do I apply for Graduation

    All Master Student How Do I's are in PDF.

Master Student Guides

    Master Candidate Fall Commencement (pdf)
    Master Candidate Spring Commencement (pdf)

Degree Change Form

    Request for Change in Degree Option

        Must login to MyECU before filling out the form.

Request for 6-Year Appeal Form

    Request for 6-Year Appeal (pdf)

MEd Secondary Education - Academic Discipline

    Plan of Study Approval Form - 0834 (pdf)

MSPS Scholarship Form

    MSPS Scholarships (pdf)

Graduate Student Spotlight Form

    Graduate Student Spotlight (pdf)

Graduate Course Substitution Form

    Graduate Course Substitution (pdf)

Graduate Grade Change Forms

    Graduate Grade Change Contested
    Graduate Grade Change Uncontested
    Graduate Grade Change Incomplete
    Graduate Grade Change for F or WF to W

    All Course Change Forms are in PDF.

Individual Studies/TBA Form

    Individual Studies/TBA form (pdf)